My laptop is a mess. The screen is barely hanging on and the battery is completely screwed and the most recent thing is that half the keys have stopped working. I won’t be able to post recipes for a while when I’ve sent my laptop off for repairs, which makes me sad. I’m dying to […]

When I bought my camera I got the kit lens with it, bit scratched but decent. I’ve been using that for the photos I’ve taken so far but yesterday I used my brand new 50mm prime lens. Although I haven’t uploaded them to my laptop yet, I think they look a lot better already so […]

I don’t normally cook fresh fish so this was a nice little treat. I originally wanted to bake it, but I also wanted a crispy skin. I read online that you can fry it first to get a crispy skin, then finish it off in the oven but I didn’t want to risk it going […]

I should’ve cooked these potatoes last night or even boiled them before I made the hash just to speed up the process, but it still works this way. This is a good way to use up leftovers. My formula for the perfect amount of scrambled eggs is to have one egg more than the number […]

The orange in this came from a moment of improvisation inspiration when I was going through my fridge and realised my orange juice was close to its expiry date. Of course the next rational step would be to pour some over my steak. I also wanted to do something different with potatoes. I wanted the comfort […]

This dish is a reminder that I need to do a food shop soon. I’m down to my last chicken breast and last few chunks of frozen spinach. I do, however, have a huge block of blue cheese that my grandmother bought but gave to me because she remembered she actually doesn’t like blue cheese. […]

If you know me, you’ll know how much I love curry. It’s probably the one type of food I can eat every single day for the rest of my life without getting bored, because there’s so many varieties. I’m going to Bangladesh this summer for a few weeks and I can’t wait to show you guys […]

I’m originally from Bangladesh, and the way we have tea there is we boil the tea leaves, water and milk together, which makes it quite strong. Some places use condensed milk instead of regular milk, which makes it so wonderfully thick and sweet you don’t even need sugar. They do this at the airport in Dhaka, […]

I got this all-in-one blender and food processor online for around £25, and it made me wonder why I decided to go two years without one. This might sound patronising but I can’t stress how convenient this is. Call it an investment. I did hesitate a bit because of the price but I realised that […]

I should have a brunch category because this wasn’t really breakfast, but it wasn’t lunch either. I don’t normally eat breakfast – not that I’m proud of that or anything, but today has been a nice chilled out day and I thought I’d make something a bit special. I bought about 100g of Mexicana cheese, […]